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Healing Sessions

We’re a team of reiki + energy healing professionals spread throughout the Discovery area here to help you get back to your most whole & vibrant self.

Become who you are with Reiki & Energy Healing

About Reiki

Reiki relieves stress in a deep way
Reiki reconnects you to your inner wisdom & knowing.
Reiki balances your chakras
Reiki releases energy blocks
Reiki facilitates adopting a spiritual & holistic perspective to the issues you’re experiencing.
Reiki brings healing on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.

… and so much more.

After a session, people tell me they have less pain or that they “feel lighter !” or I often hear: “I’m so much calmer and less anxious!”. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what happens, but Reiki always connects you with your next healing step.

Every practitioner at Reiki Discovery is here to be a Reiki channel for you. Besides that, they’ve also developed their own energy healing expertise that they can use to guide you back to wholeness.

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Our Philosophy

At Reiki Discovery, we all:

  • Practice Reiki
  • Use energy healing in our sessions with you (sometimes in combination with our other modalities such as osteopathy, massage, intuitive readings, coaching & more).
  • Have the experience of transforming stuck energy into personal growth.
  • Work with you to help you become the most whole version of yourself again.
  • Receive mentoring in view of giving you the best of ourselves.

As for the rest?

We’re all different people, with different sensitivities, styles & specialties.

Find your healing ally by browsing our team.

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Our Team

Our Team

Finding the right practitioner for you is almost everything. Working with someone who really gets you is a gift you give yourself potentially for years to come. Trust your intuition while browsing the practitioners on our team.

You can then book a session with them below.

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Finding the right practitioner for you is almost everything. Working with someone who really gets you is a gift you give yourself potentially for years to come. Trust your intuition while browsing the practitioners on our team.

… but right now you just want to try Reiki and you don’t REALLY care with whom? As long as it’s in the right price range, neighborhood? We’ve got you covered there too.

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More on Our Team

Founder of Reiki Discovery & Energy School, Inge is a passionate explorer of the creative life and she specializes in helping her beloved 1:1 clients heal their way to the life of their dreams.

With her guidance, they learn the tools to live a life of deep fulfillment, clarity & trust in their intuition.

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Lauren created Mother Honey with the intention of nourishing lost and exhausted women… by guiding them to a well of resources within themselves: a place where true, sustaining sweetness and vitality can be found. If you’re feeling anxious, confused or weary, book a consultation today.

She’s got you.

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Jennifer Haydock is a psychotherapist and energy healer here to help you integrate your wild multidimensionality. She specializes in helping sensitive beings reconnect with their authentic voice, inner vision, and purposeful mission so they can manifest their deepest and wildest dreams into reality.

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We do our best to show up as our best selves so you can too

All our practitioners Receive Mentoring

Inge Broer looking from tree mentoring healers

About Inge Broer

Founder of Reiki Discovery & mentor of the other healing practitioners.

Since founding Reiki Discovery in 2013, Inge has worked with thousands of clients and trained hundreds of Reiki practitioners.

She’s seen miracles unfold and receives deep satisfaction in knowing how many lives she’s been able to touch.

Now, she’s devoted to put her experience, skills & knowledge to the best use by mentoring her practitioners to be the best healers they can be. When you work with a healer at Reiki Discovery, you also receive the benefit form knowing they are guided by an experienced healer.

All Reiki Discovery practitioners have done at least some of their training with Inge & receive mentoring from her.

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What is
Energy Healing

Energy healing operates on the notion that everything is energy (or vibrating information) and works in the present moment to help people reconnect to the truth of who they are (at our core: we are love). Different energy healing modalities include Reiki, Visualization (such as inner child healing), Tapping/EFT, Hypnosis and more. Different people respond to different modalities at different times so we make it our business to have a full toolkit at your disposal.