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Back to Basics of Energy Healing

Energy healing can seem like pure magic. Blockages dissipate, synchronicities appear and you reconnect to your true self. At the same time, it can be challenging for your rational mind. The more magic we experience, the more doubt shows up

This series brings you BACK TO THE BASICS OF ENERGY HEALING so that your left brain can relax and join the party of becoming exactly who you are.

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Back to Basics Background

Recommended Starting Points:

While you can certainly binge this series by accessing the YouTube Playlist, here's a quick guide to help you choose which videos to start with. Each video is between 5 and 12 minutes.

If This

Then That

You're wanting something to happen, and it's not

You're taking a Reiki and/or an energy healing course

You're confused by the concepts used in spiritual circles

You feel A LOT (and you wonder if it's normal).

You're considering trying your first Reiki or Energy Healing Session

Back to Basics of Energy Healing

About The Author

Reiki Master Inge Broer

Inge Broer

The Healer’s Mentor

Founder of Reiki Montreal & Energy School, Inge is a passionate explorer of the creative life and she specializes in helping her beloved 1:1 clients heal their way to the life of their dreams.

With her guidance, they learn the tools to live a life of deep fulfillment, clarity & trust in their intuition.