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Nourishing you back to sweetness with Lauren Sabatier

Lauren Sabatier somatic healing practitioner

Lauren Sabatier

Mother Honey

Lauren’s Tools & Modalities:

Trauma-informed Somatic Therapy, Meditation, Energy Healing, Reiki, Inner Child & Parts Work, Conscious Relationships, Emotional Wellness, Integrated Sexual Wholeness, and Creative Self-Expression

Expertise in Enlivening Moms

Lauren specializes in helping moms overcome burnout, anxiety and negative self-image so that they can become a more authentic, vibrantly alive version of themselves.

How you can work with her at this time

Start with a single Reiki session by booking below, or find out how she can help you come to life again through her workshops and packages by booking a discovery call with her.

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About Lauren Sabatier | In Lauren’s words

Lauren’s Journey

I didn’t fully understand the gifts of my sensitivity until my thirties – after over a decade of studying spirituality, energy, psychology, yoga, meditation, sexuality, creativity & somatics.

It really hurt to be a sensitive child in an insensitive culture, but I found solace in nature: drawing in the silky dirt beneath the oaks, writing songs about the clouds, and wandering barefoot through the woods.

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In a perfect world, my sensitivity would have been honored, celebrated even! I would have retained my magic and natural wonder. I would have grown into a confident, talented young woman who knew her worth and felt whole within herself.

But life isn’t perfect; and I did not.

A series of life lessons – sexual trauma, an eating disorder, codependency, postpartum anxiety/depression, and divorce – eventually led me into healing work and back home to myself.

As I healed, I remembered my magic. My natural sense of wonder returned and I felt whole again.

I couldn’t believe that I’d spent so many years chasing perfection and trying to fix myself… When what I’d really been looking for all along was me. I wondered how many other women had lost some aspect of themselves and, without proper tools, were also looking for wholeness in all the wrong places…

My work has taken many shapes over the years, but the core of it remains unchanged: giving women proper tools & guiding them home to the fullness of who they truly are and who they were always meant to be.

I created Mother Honey with the intention of nourishing lost and exhausted women… by guiding them to a well of resources within themselves: a place where true, sustaining sweetness and vitality can be found. If you’re feeling anxious, confused or weary, book a consultation today. I’ve got you.

Here’s how it works:

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation at a time that works for you.

We’ll meet on Zoom to break the ice and get familiar with each other. I’ll ask you some questions to get to know you and start to understand your current struggles. We’ll discuss why you want support and what you hope to get out of your time with me. I’ll tell you about my work as it pertains to your unique situation and answer all of your questions. From there, if we feel like it’s a good fit, we’ll talk about how to move forward and get started on the work together.

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