Finding a Light Heart as an Old Soul: A Group Healing Session


Aug 04 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am



Once upon a time, there was an old soul in the body of a young girl. People sought her out, appreciating her attentiveness and calm perspective. They’d confide in her, finding the weight of their burdens lift in her sensitive and kind presence.

Then they’d rush back to their lives, flitting about lightheartedly and enjoying the easy presence of others.

The young girl would sigh, feeling content to have been a solace, but heavy and confused as to why that ease and lightheartedness wasn’t hers too…

Then one day, her soul whispered something outrageous to her: “Would you want it to be? What if your kindness, depth and wisdom don’t have to come at such a heavy price? What if you too can feel light-hearted, understood and free?

Join us for a healing truth session

In this session, you’ll be gently challenged to reveal yourself in ways that may surprise you.

This is for you if you’re thrilled at the prospect of shaking up the old, heavy stories you keep telling yourself, are ready to witness others do the same and are willing to reveal yourself to know your lighter self.

The format is:
6 participants or less, cameras and mics on.
Inge, the facilitator, poses a series of questions based around a theme. Each participant answers these questions as truthfully as they can in the moment.

The result?
More often then not we share a moment of common humanity, we laugh, we move through shyness and fear, and we walk away with a little bit more access to ourselves. We heal.

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Healing Truth Session
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