Activate the Healer in You: A Workshop


Sep 06 2024


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



Darling slumbering healer,

You want to live from a wealth of health, letting a resourced nervous system lead the way for you and those you’re meant to serve. You want overflow to be your strategy in life and business.

You know there is a part of you that’s able to

  • keep you centered even as you navigate the latest crisis
  • stop you from believing that what you seek is outside of you and saving you hours of numbing scrolling before bed.
  • feed you nourishing food that makes you feel strong and healthy and ready to take on the world
  • get you to take action on the things that truly matter to you and will make the healing impact in the world you’re here to make.

It’s just… she’s sleeping right now. Not quite strong enough. MIA.


Let’s wake her up.

Let’s activate her.

It’s time for her to RISE.

YOU and your people need you.

Join for a 90-minute workshop to awaken the healer within. You will be expected to join fully. With cameras and mic’s on.

No prior experience in energy healing needed.

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Reiki Infused Healing Meditation
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